JCS Projects

Our expertise lies in being able to handle the shipments and provide the solutions that others are unable to.

Helicopters, wind turbines, oil & gas equipment… our Project division has hands-on experience in many large-scale global logistics and project cargo efforts and these are just a few of the most recent.

Over the years, we have managed many project shipments and our experience and attention to detail serve as testament to the high levels of service we provide.

Whether it is an out of gauge piece, requiring specialist equipment, or a time-sensitive shipment, we can help fulfil your project solution.

A few of our past and current projects;

  • Ongoing shipments of Oil and Gas equipment to and from off-shore oil rigs off the cost of Iraq
  • Ongoing wind turbine blades and nacelle units from New Zealand to the Shetland and Orkney Islands
  • Ongoing contract for the import and distribution of industrial furnaces from China and the US to Europe
  • Charter of AN124s for the shipping of AgustaWestland helicopters and their transport kits to Saudi Arabia
  • Power Station Flooring - Shipping 1 million kilos of plastic matting, imported on a charter vessel for UK power stations.
  • 3-phase induction motor from India for a power station in the UK
  • Airfreight of 185,000 kgs of construction material and interior fittings to Jeddah over three months for the King Abdullah Sports Stadium
  • Mining machinery to various parts of the world


Please feel free to contact us at any time if you require a specific project quotation.

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