We realise livestock shipments come in all shapes and sizes and at JCS Livestock we have handled them all. 

Whether you are a live tropical fish importer or wholesaler or livestock breeder, we know how important each consignment is to you and your end use customer. Our customers include conservation parks, tropical fish wholesalers, bovine/equine/ovine/porcine semen and embryo artificial insemination units, alpaca and specialist sheep breeders. We understand that each of these shipment types will have different requirements. 

JCS Livestock we will not handle animals for experimentation nor any that are wild caught (unless required for conservation purposes). We are an ethical business and strongly believe in the safe transportation of all animals.  Please see our policy statement for more details.

If you have a future shipment and would like a quote for our services and advice about the necessary paperwork, please feel free to drop us a line outlining as much as possible about the shipment and we can provide you with details. 

Please email or call 01753 682244

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