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Travelling abroad with pet cargo can be a complicated procedure.

At JCS Pet Travel we specialise in pet shipping around the world. We understand that our furry friends are members of the family, and their comfortable relocation is our priority.

We are specialists in pet transport by air or road and we aim to make the process simpler and stress free for you and your pet. We can help with flight crates, collection, vet trips and delivery at destination. We can also help with shipping your pet bird abroad, or indeed your pet snake or rabbit!

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World Wide

At JCS Pet Travel we specialise in pet shipping around the world, into and out of the UK.

Comfort & Saftey

We have temperature controlled, satellite tracked vehicles that we use to deliver your pet safely.

Treated Like Family

Our aim is to make the whole process go as smoothly and as stress-free as possible- your pet is a member of your family, so we like to treat them like one.

To the UK

JCS Livestock's Import Department is the busiest such enterprise in the UK and have won prestigious industry awards and are recognised around the world for quality service. Efficiently customs clearing live animal arrivals 24hrs a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our airport office is located within The Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow.

We have won the trust of most major airlines. We work with them exclusively, along with other agents and the regular owner travelling with their pet.

If you are moving to the UK, we are a customs clearance agent for a number of airlines and can offer Pet Travel Scheme advice as a result of our considerable experience in the field. We always aim to keep our information up-to-date and have various pages for information on the Pet Travel Scheme, Pet Travel Scheme Paperwork and Pet Travel Scheme FAQs. We can also arrange delivery of pets and provide customs clearance and help with bringing your pet bird into the country.

Pet Deliveries

We have a DEFRA licenced fleet of temperature controlled, satellite tracked vehicles with onboard CCTV that we use to deliver your pet(s) safely home to you once the UK DEFRA & Customs clearance formalities have been completed

Even if you're on the same flight as your pet, you can take advantage of this service to avoid the wait at the Animal Reception Centre. Get home, get unpacked and we'll get your pet to you as soon as we can, or at a designated time on the day of arrival.

We don't make you wait for your pet, or put several different family's pets in one vehicle- your pet or pets get the VIP treatment!

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From the UK

Our Export Team are genuinely pet friendly with many years of hand's on experience. That also includes wildlife movements. Routinely exporting to destinations near and far, seven days a week.

We would generally attend to all the veterinay export documentation. Also supply the compliant travel container and use of our boarding kennel facility.

If you are leaving the UK, we can provide information on the requirements to ship your pets to a number of countries and provide you with a quote for your pet's move, taking advantage of our full range of services, including collection, flight crates, vet trips and delivery at destination.

Exporting your pet can be a complicated process, depending on where you will be travelling to with your furry friend. Some countries will only require a “fit to fly” certificate, whilst others may require import and export permits, and some still require pets to go to quarantine on arrival.

Our aim is to make the whole process go as smoothly and as stress-free as possible- your pet is a member of your family, so we like to treat them like one. Let us be your own Pet Travel Agent.

Pet Collections

We have a fleet of temperature controlled, satellite tracked vehicles that we use to collect your pet and bring them safely to the airport. If you're worried about juggling pets, kids, luggage and yourselves all at the same time, let us take the strain!

We'll send a designated van to pick your pet up, along with any bedding you might like to send through with them and get them safely to their flight.

You can always take advantage of our friendly boarding kennels and have a couple of pet-free days while you pack and get everything arranged for your travel.

How it Works

  • Fraser’s trip to Australia
    Fraser’s trip to Australia

    Fraser the golden retriever went to Sydney recently, and he was good enough to agree to have us follow him as we prepared him for travel. Richard and Antuanette, his owners, asked JCS Pet Travel to help with his export and we were on hand to help all the way through the process of getting Fraser to his sunny new home.

  • Import and export paperwork
    Import and export paperwork

    Richard and Antuanette arranged their own import permit with AQIS in Australia, and asked us to arrange Fraser’s export permit with Animal Health. A vital part of the paperwork was for Fraser to have some blood taken (no more than 30 days prior to his flight) and then to have him treated for ticks. Richard and Antuanette organised this with their local vet then the blood was sent off for testing.

  • Flight Kennel
    Flight Kennel

    JCS arranged for a new flight kennel to be made for Fraser, specific to his length and height, and we made the booking for the flight to Perth (Fraser’s first stop, and his quarantine location).

  • Vet trip
    Vet trip

    Three days prior to Fraser’s trip we collected him to take him to our vet, Forest House. This was the first part of his big adventure and he was happy to be handed over to our driver then sit in the transit kennel on the way to the vet. Once at the vet Fraser was happy to sit and wait while Kit the vet checked his weight, heart, ears and blood test results and then gave him a clean bill of health be completing his export and import permits.

  • Ready to go
    Ready to go

    With all his paperwork done and Fraser happy in his flight kennel, we were all set to deliver to the airline where he could be x-ray’d and the vet at the airline could check his paperwork, also completing the import and export permits, and putting a seal on the flight kennel. The flight over to Perth went via Singapore, where someone checked upon Fraser and his fellow furry passengers, before the final leg of the trip to Perth, where all the pets on the flight will have been met by AQIS staff for the trip to quarantine.

  • Freedom!

    Thirty days later saw Fraser released from quarantine, none the worse for wear, as you can see. Pets are well looked after and exercised regularly in quarantine, where staff can provide owners with up-to-date information on their pets, and there is always a vet on call in case of emergencies. Following his owners around the world meant that Fraser made another trip to Sydney soon after his release from quarantine, and as you can see from the final picture, he’s fine and well and getting used to the famous sights of Sydney!

“Thank you all for your care of Fraser on his leaving the UK. It was a very stressful time for us and it was made easier with us knowing he was well cared for.”

Richard & Antuanette

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