Changes to the Pet Travel Scheme 29th December

Please Note. Some of the information on this page is out of date but we are in the process of updating it. If you have any questions please contact us.

There are a couple of slight changes to the Pet Travel Scheme as of 29th December 2014- here's a brief overview..

From the 29th of December 2014, there will be a couple of slight changes to the Pet Travel Scheme, aiming to reduce the number of pets brought illegally into the UK:

There is no change to the order of preparation, or the list of countries to which the two types of scheme apply, but there are a couple of procedural updates. There is also the requirement that from 29th December any pets (cats. dogs or ferrets) MUST be over 12 weeks old when vaccinated against rabies.

The first major change is that in order to be considered as a pet, animals must arrive within (+/-) 5 days of the owner's arrival into the country, and the pet must be registered to the owner. At the moment there is no requirement to provide evidence of your arrival in relation to your pet's arrival, but this might change. There may also be more interest in the names on the paperwork than before.

You should consider this when arranging your move to the UK with your pet because if the arrivals do not coincide within the given period there will be extra charges in addition to the Pet Travel Scheme fees.

The consequence of the changes could mean a fee from APHA (Defra) for checking a "commercial" pet (if you arrive outside of the time limits on your pets arrival), and there may even be import charges depending on all of the details involved and how HM Revenue and Customs consider your pet to be a commerical import. On top of that there may be delays. So please please please take care with this requirement. Check, check and double check!

There is also a change in paperwork. All pet passports issued prior to the change WILL remain valid for the pet's lifetime as long as they are completed properly, however there will be a new pet passport issued to pets in the UK when they sign up with their vet from December 29th. This includes a few changes to avoid counterfeiting and fraud, such as laminated pages and a space for the owner to sign.

"Third country" health certificates are changing too- there is a new certificate on the APHA website: which we will upload to our own site ASAP.

 As always, if in doubt, ask- please please please make sure that your paperwork is correct- we'll try and help but some things are out of our control. Our staff are happy to help to avoid any issues on arrival. Please email the main office on or call +44 1753 682244

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