New Requirements for shipping pets to Australia

Please Note. Some of the information on this page is out of date but we are in the process of updating it. If you have any questions please contact us.

From January 1st 2012 there will be new changes for shipping pets to Australia.

From the New Year all pets will be required to have had a rabies vaccination AND a blood test. 

Vaccinations must have been given in the 12 months prior to export, and the animal must be at least 3 months old at the time of vaccination.  If the pet has never been rabies vaccinated then AQIS reccomend that 4 weeks should elapse between the vaccination and the blood test.

Pets must then remain in the country of export for the 60 days prior to export.  A total of 180 days must pass between the blood test and the pet's release from quarantine, with a minimum of 30 days in quarantine.  E.g. if the pet has been microchipped and vaccinated within the last 12 months, then blood tested 15o days ago, then the pet will need to undergo 30 days quarantine on arrival.  If it was only tested 80 days ago then it will require 100 days in quarantine and so on.

Finally, the blood test cannot be more than a year prior to export.

These new requirements are in addition to the normal requirements found on our Animal Atlas.


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