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Further to the recent BBC article regarding animal testing....

The recent BBC article regarding the transportation of live animals for medical research serves as a timely reminder to highlight our Livestock Policy:

James Cargo Services Ltd

Policy Statement on the Transportation of Live Animals


Ø  The animal’s wellbeing is paramount.

Ø  We will not transport or deal with any animals for laboratory or any other testing

Ø  We do not transport or deal with Wild Caught birds.

Ø  We will not deal with Wild Caught animals unless for the preservation of the species.

Ø  When dealing with pets, the Animal is the customer. We will see to the comfort and well being of the pet before that of the rest of its human family. We appreciate that owners do not usually like to spend time on planes and at airports but we will insist on ensuring that the pet has been checked and is well after its flight before any further travel to its owners home.

Ø  We will report anyone that we find “knowingly” harming, mistreating or illegally transporting any animal to the relevant authority.


Therefore you can rest assured that we will not, either now or in the future, transport animals for any kind of testing.


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