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Travelling abroad with pet cargo can be a complicated procedure.  We are specialists in pet transport by air or road and we aim to make the process simpler and stress free for you and your pet.  We can help with flight crates, collection, vet trips and delivery at destination.  More details on pet shipping from the UK.  We can also help with shipping your pet bird abroad, or indeed your pet snake or rabbit!

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Moving abroad  with your pets?? 

At JCS Pet Travel we specialise in pet shipping around the world.  We understand that our furry friends are members of the family, and their comfortable relocation is our priority.

 Pets into the UK


   If you are moving to the UK, we are a customs clearance agent for a number of airlines and can offer Pet Travel Scheme advice as a result of our considerable experience in the field.  We always aim to keep our information up-to-date and have various pages for information on the Pet Travel Scheme, Pet Travel Scheme Paperwork and Pet Travel Scheme FAQsWe can also arrange delivery of pets and provide customs clearance and help with bringing your pet bird into the country.



   If you are leaving the UK, we can provide information on the requirements to ship your pets to a number of countries and provide you with a quote for your pet's move, taking advantage of our full range of services, including collection, flight crates, vet trips and delivery at destination.

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