Please Note. Some of the information on this page is out of date but we are in the process of updating it. If you have any questions please contact us.

Here are a few quotes and pictures from some happy customers. See below for the link to our Facebook page, where customers are free to post their comments and we regularly put pet pictures up- you can see these in the window on the bottom right.

Chilli and Issy arrived in June


I just want to say thank you for the import and delivery of Issy and Chilli last Friday. They are both in great shape and enjoying their new home in Yorkshire.


These cats arrived in June


Please thank anyone involved in clearing my cats. They are safe and sound and driving me crazy to go outside! Many, many thanks.


Archie and Scruffy flew to Doha in June


They arrived in excellent condition and i will only use your company again and will also highly recommend JCS again.Your Company saved me a lot of time and stress and much appreciated.
A superb service and please forward on to the directors.


Bertie came in from Grand Cayman in June


Very many thanks, all was perfect and collection took only minutes. Bertie in great form!
Another grand piece of work from JCS and ARC. Please thank all concerned.
We will be in touch at the end of the year when Bertie will be returning to Cayman.


Seyshi came in from Columbo in May


This is to thank all of you for every effort made to assist in

transporting Seyshi to UK last week. I am delighted to say that Seyshi is loving the weather here and enjoying her long walks, here in UK.
Thank you so much for the care and understanding! Her trip was a success and we are ever more grateful for all of you!


Kate came in from the US in March


All went well and Kate arrived safely. Thank you so much for all your help.


Kaiser and Max came in from Kuwait and we delivered them to their new home in Wiltshire.


"thanks you for the professional job done on bringing the boys through customs and delivery to our home address.
Having been away for 6 yrs and not travelled, it was a little nerve racking for us.
Your team have been very supportive and knowledgeable on the process especially the driver that finally delivered them to our home.
They are now both settled and enjoying the smell of fresh grass, the sight of snow on their first day was priceless to watch.

Once again many thanks and i would definitely recommend your services to others."


Finn travelled to South Africa in March after a brief visit to the UK to dance at Crufts:


"Thanx for all your help yesterday and for JCS's professionalism. Will definately use you in the future again."


Zak flew to Perth in February 2013

"Just a quick note to let you know Jack is happily settled at the quarantine station in Perth. Thank you so much for getting him safely to Australia. I am very relieved to have him home!"


Pippin and Frodo flew out to Santo Domingo in January

Thank you very much for everything that you did-we all appreciate it very much. I haven't had my girls for nearly 3 years now and so this has been a long time coming and a beautiful belated Christmas and birthday present.


Once again thank you and your team for all of the hard work you did to reunite me with my girls! We will keep you in mind in the foreseeable future when our plans change.

These dogs came into the UK in January


Dear Diane
Thank you and all, we were so grateful and relieved to receive our doggies in good health. 


Sumba flew to Northern Ireland in December

 I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your assistance and the time you took to put my mind at ease with Shumba's relocation to Northern Ireland. She arrived safe and sound and was obviously well treated along her journey as she has settled so quickly at my parents home.

I will gladly recommend your company and you personally to any friends or family undertaking a move with their pet(s).

Regards, and have a very Merry Christmas

Zoe, Aubrey, Molly and Fleur flew to the UK in November 2012


"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did for me and my 4 cats!

They arrived safely and everything went like clockwork. It was fantastic that you delivered the crates early and collected them on time, and I had the phone calls from JCS when they arrived. The staff at Heathrow were also really good and kept me reassured and informed about the cats when they landed.

Thanks for a superb job. I am extremely grateful as sending pets so far overseas is terrifying and made me feel anxious and very guilty!

Thanks again. If I decide to return, you will be the first people I ring!"

Oliver the French Bulldog flew from Malta to Australia in October

Dear Lee & JCS-Team!

Oliver arrived in Sydney today bubbly & well thank's to you and your associate.
We are very happy with the result & we can't thank you enough.
We wish you and all the JCS-Team all the best for the future.


Had a look on your facebook. Love the picture & coment's !


Perdy came to the UK in October

We just got Perdy home. She looks great + is clearly happy to be back with us. 


Thank you all so much for making this process so painless.


Venya came in to the UK to star at the Royal Shakespeare Company in August- we helped him come into the UK and return to Russia

Click here for a review

Just a quick note to say that Venya and Andrey made it safely back to Moscow and were reunited after their long journey. Apparently it took 5 hours to process Venya on the Moscow side, so they were all very impressed that the turnaround was so efficient when he arrived at the Animal Reception Centre in the UK on August 6th!


Thank you for all your assistance with the entire process and for your phonecalls on Monday


We flew Ziggy and Sacke to Aberdeen after they arrived in London in July.

Thank you so much. I am still in KL so have not yet had the chance to see them in their new house in Scotland.  They are very happy, loving all the birds they can see outside and not too traumatised by the change in temperature.

I hope you will be ok that I have passed on your number to some of my KL friends who have pets and may end up back in UK.  We are always keen to hear about good reliable companies.

Angelica and Louie arrived into the UK in July

I just wanted to say thank you so much for dealing with
Angelica and Louie's paperwork. It all worked very well and the cats arrived cleaned and sleepy at their new house.

Lola flew to Canada in July 2012

Lola arrived safely and is now happily settled in our new home in Montreal.
Please pass on my thanks to the team for the proffesional service JCS provided for us.

Sheba flew to Egypt in June.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me move Sheba to Egypt, it was a bit of a long treck with the additional drive down to Sharm but we are finally here and she is settling in very quickly.

This dog was one of the first to come into the UK on Middle East Airlines, one of the new carriers on the Pet Travel Scheme.

A huge thank you to you all - the dog has arrived safely in London and has been cleared by customs!! I really did appreciate all your hard work and effort that made this all possible.

We had a cat come in from Bangladesh- a new country on the Pet Travel Scheme.  We also delivered the cat to the owner.

Many thanks to you and the team for all the support provided with my pet import/clearance.
It all went very smoothly and the cat are doing very well.

Basil flew out to Malta in April

I would like to thank you very much for your efficiency and kindness last month, it was a bit stressful trying to get things sorted on the day, so it was a great help knowing Basil & Sybil were in safe hands.
They are both doing fine and like the sunny weather, apart from Basil falling into the swimming pool, he knows where it is now so he should be OK in future;  http://www.facebook.com/#!/basil.edwards
From time to time Brits come and go from here to/from the UK with their pets, so I will certainly recommend you.
Thanks again

Patches came in from South Africa in May.

Dear team
A short note from us to say a very big thank you from us and Patch for treating him so well during his trip from South Africa to England.
A much slimmer, and definitely much fitter Patch came through the doors to greet us on Wednesday 11th April, and started telling us all his tall tales before he even got to the car.
He has settled in so well, and hauls us off our feet in trying to get to walk in the park! Rain or shine, we go walkies 3 times a day!
And he has already got a girlfriend - the young lass of 13years who lives next door, and is also a rescue dog - so they have been telling each other their tales.
This daylight thing of 5.30am to 8pm is taking a lot of getting used to, and an old toppie has to get used to the late bedtimes now!
Once again, thank you very much for keeping him in such good condition for us.
Love and wuffs

Precious arrived from Australia in April 2012

Dear All,

I wanted to send you all a brief email to thank you all for helping us get our beloved Precious back to the UK (against the odds at times!)

She has arrived safely and we are so grateful to have with us at last.

So thank you one and all for all your help it is gratefully appreciated.

Sheffin's flight came in during April.

Thank you very much to you and to everyone at JCS Livestock for helping with Sheffin's flight over to the UK. We really appreciate it. He arrived safely yesterday and is settling in at his new home very well. We very happy to have him with us again.

Muffin flew to Nepal towards the end of March and there is a lovely photo of her on our Facebook page.

Muffin safely here and settling in well, although rather tired. But that hasn't stopped her from exploring the house or the Embassy grounds and making new friends.
Thank you so much for looking after Muffin so well in London and Bahrain. It was a great weight off our minds that Muffin was in such good hands.

Kitski and Cooper flew to Australia in February this year.

 We picked Kitski and Cooper up from Quarantine yesterday and they are sooooooooooooo happy. I wasn't sure if Cooper would talk to me, but he has been so sooky and loving, so it has been great.

 I found the people at Quarantine to be really lovely and I am surprised to say that even though it took SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long - it was good as we had so many great people looking after the cats for us. Firstly the people in England - and then the quarantine people.


I also want to thank you for all the work you put into it and James Cargo Services. I really appreciate it all.


Lottie flew to Cyprus earlier this year.


Just to let you know Lottie arrived safely at Larnaca on wednesday... she is now happily back home.

Thank you for all your help and for looking after her on tuesday when we brought her to you it was much appeciated.



Vito is a dog that came in from Beirut in February, one of many pets coming in from the countries that are now listed on the Pet Travel Scheme as a result of the changes to the rules.



Vito is now safely home and everyone is very happy.  Thank you for all your assistance in this matter which is much appreciated.

Sam and Kensie are labs that came in from Los Angeles in February.

I wanted to just send you a quick note to thank you for your efforts in getting Sam and Kensie over to London. Both dogs seem to be settling in well. We'll be in touch when it is time to make the reverse move in a couple of years.

In February, little Marmite came in from South Africa.

Marmite is home and is settling in really well. My family love him but the other cats need a bit of convincing still.

Thank you so much for your time and help...... I shall definitely be recommending your services.



Nick flew Bob and Dave to Melbourne at the end of last year.  They had to stay in Syndey quarantine becuase Melbourne was full.



Hope you are well and had a good Christmas and New Year. Just letting you know that I picked up Bob and Dave from Sydney quarantine yesterday and they are back in Melbourne and settling in well.

I decided to fly up to Sydney and fly them back on Qantus...

Thanks for all your help in getting them over so quickly.

Dave Cash is a DJ on BBC radio Kent and he brought in Mr Beesely last week into Gatwick:

 All went well with this shipment and Dave Cash and his wife were very pleased with everything here and in Florida..... to the radio show and he talked quite a bit about bringing Mr Beeseley his Jack Russell home to the UK and thanked everyone at the ARC and British Airways here and in Tampa- very pleased with the way his little dog was cared for.


Charlotte came in during the very busy periods at Heathrow:


"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the safe delivery of our cat Charlotte yesterday.  She's settling in really well and we're thrilled to have her back with us where she belongs.  We much appreciate all your help and that of all concerned at JCS Livestock."


Griffe recently came into the office on his way to Australia:

"I would like to say a big thankyou to those in the office, who made things bearable for me, when I had to say goodbye......Keep up your fabulous work..."

Lindsey has been helping some Bulldogs get to Australia.  We like to ship snub-nosed breeds via Canada to give them a nice layover.  It's a longer trip, but by breaking the journey up they don't struggle so much with their snuffles.

"i would like to especially thank Lindsey for all her hard work she has done for us and everybody at jcs who is helping molly and baileys trip downunder to be a safe one..cos their mummy is sat here worried and so nervous for them but i know they will be loved by all who meet them and will take care of them till the family can be re-united..xxxx"

Lee recently helped a lady move to Ireland with her Lovebirds in October:

"...part that your employee (Lee) had to play in getting me out of that predicament.  I will never forget what he did which far surpassed the call of duty and left me feeling very touched and practically overwhelmed.  Also, relieved.

..Ultimately, he thought up a strategy that has worked very well for both the birds and myself.  I get the birds tomorrow and my new (sic) job is looking very promising although it is early days as yet...

..the birds, all being well, may live for the next nine years and possibly longer.  They will bring me a lot of pleasure in that time as they are not only beautiful and very nice-natured but also tame/loving." 

Mamie and Bonnie are regular fliers to and from the USA..

"Just wanted to let you know how well it all went tonight!!  I have just returned from picking them up in Charlotte and they are the best I have seen them after this trip - very settled, a little thirsty and hungry but happy in themselves.

  Thank you for all your help and efforts on our behalf..."


We flew Flik and Saffy to New Zealand earlier in the year, wrestling with the new requirements: 

"Flik and Saffy have been on my parents Farm in NZ for nearly a month now and have really settled in well as you will see from the photos.  Thanks again for making their trip less stressful for us.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I hear of wanting to move their animals abroad."

Nice to hear from a regular client via Facebook:

"I have no hesitation in recommending JCS and do so regularly. They first brought two Manchester Terrier girls across from New York to England for me. The whole importing process was made so simple to complete as JCS did all the hardwork for me. So far, Shelby and Dixie came to England in January 09, Nigel went to New York in July 0...9, Merlin went to New York in May 10 and Zoe has just flown to Melbourne with her sister due to fly to Texas next week. All of them arrived super fit and happy without any problems whatsoever. Thank you specially to Lindsey and Lee for all your hardwork"

 Some of the Canadian Dog Agility team came in during May:

"Thank you for all of your help getting the Canadian dogs in and out of England.

Everyone arrived safely and went home happy.

We couldn’t have done it without you."

From our Facebook page:

Barney flew out to the USA at the end of May:  "Thanks JCS - one happy dog, safe and sound at his summer home!" 

The Morris family moved Joy and Will to Hong Kong: "We've moved countries many times but it's always stressful when it comes to the furry members of the family. Our contact at JCS, Lindsey, kept us fully informed and when John picked up our two dogs on the big day we knew they were in good hands. Thank you to everyone who helped make our overseas move happen. Nothing is impossible when you find the right people to help you. " 

Greta flew to Atlanta in May  2011

"..we had a great flight experience with you.  A special thank-you to your staff who answered every one of our questions and helped us after hours.  I could tell everyone at JCS loves animals and is careful to ensure they have a a good flight".

Dougal flew to Dubai in May 2011

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help in getting Dougal over to Dubai.... He loves his new garden and digging in the sand!"

Will and Joy flew to Hong Kong in May 2011

"many thanks for your help.. they arrived safe and sound about 5 min behind us... so unbelievably good timing!... pic attached of Willem enjoying the view from his new temporary home!"

These dogs came into the UK from Perth in April 2011

"Just to say thank you for all your help in relocating my two dogs.  They are happy and very healthy running and jumping around their new home and do not seem bothered they just flew 24 hours round to the other side of the world.  Like many people said to us humans that make the journey so tense with worry, my dogs didn't care as long as we were the to meet and greet them."

Bella flew in to London in April 2011

"Thanks for your help with Bella - papers were all in order, everything went very smoothly and she is settling in to her new flat in London."

CJ and Ollie came in from Australia in 2010

C J and Ollie just wanted to let us know that they've settled in- and as you can see they have certainly made themselves at home!

They came in on the Pet Travel Scheme from Oz, which meant they've avoided quarantine thanks to following the necessary protocol.  They were very pleased with our service at JCS Livestock and the help provided by the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow.

Izzy flew to Canada with her owners in 2010.

Working in tandem with Relocation Nova Scotia, JCS Livestock helped to get Izzy over to Canada to her new home earlier this month.  As you can see, they've all settled in well.  Like all owners, John and Kevin were anxious about Izzy's trip, but Debbie was able to reassure them and was also able to get Izzy on the same flight as her owners.

Relocation Nova Scotia were able to help with the rest of their move, and with JCS looking after Izzy's part of the trip, the whole move went smoothly. 

In John's words: "thank you and all your team at JCS for taking such good care of our little Izzy duringher time with you and her flight to Halifax.  We were more anxious about Izzy than all the things we had to deal with but the relief once we had her back in our arms was unbelievable."

"We would like to inform you that kindness and professionalism shown to us when making the booking and sorting out the paperwork was first class."

We're so pleased to hear this- we pride ourselves in our compassion and our professionalism.

John was kind enough to let us know some information about how to register dogs on arrival in Halifax-

Take your paperwork to a vet (there's no need to take your dog) - pets that are microchipped and have a pet passport will sail through the paperwork.  If your dog has been neutered, provide evidence.

There is a graded dog licence fee, depending on the type of dog and whether or not they are neutered.  Izzy had been spayed and is not classed as a "dangerous dog" so her licence was the cheapest at CAD $15.

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in the Halifax Regional Municipality unless in an area that specifically states otherwise.  Identification discs must also be worn (these include the licence number and are supplied by the municipality).

"So thanks again to JCS and Relocation Nova Scotia"

Enki the cat flew from the UK to Gabon in November 2010

"We arrived in Libreville yesterday.  I didn't have any problems retrieving our cat so I'd like to thank you for the excellent service.  Moving homes is stressful enough without having to worry whether Enki would arrive safely at his destination. 

I know he was in good hands and I really appreciated having regular updates about the status of his journey.  I am extremely pleased with how efficient and professional your company has been and I would definatley recomend you.  Enki is adjusting very well to his new environment and climate although he is a bit overwhelmed by the presence of the "little zoo" we have at home (4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 parrots, one turtle).  I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for him :)"

Other reviews on Facebook! 

Sue Brown: "..... The services provided by JCS Livestock were excellent and they really helped my husband and I through the whole process.  Jasper loves Australia..."

Amanda Lenihan: "...just to say thank you for looking after Claude and Oscar for me on Saturday after their long flight from Australia, they are both settling in well and speak very highly of the care you gave them, ;).."






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