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Many of us at James Cargo are ourselves avid motorcyclists. We know that it’s about riding your own bike on open roads, scenery, fresh air, camaraderie with your friends and the people you meet along the way and, most importantly, having fun.

We do our best to provide the simplest and most cost effective shipping solution to getting your motorbike to your chosen destination and back (although some say that coming back is optional)

Motorcycle shipping and transportation is far easier than most people think. Many of the old rules have been lifted so that in many countries you can collect you bike 'ready to ride away'

You tell us where you’re coming from and where you want to go, when you want to travel and we’ll do our best to ship your bike/s there and back. We provide international transportation by air and sea together with packing using only approved materials and customs clearance in most countries and major cities.

Your shipping options are pretty much endless so fill in the quote form and we will get back to you with a tailored transportation plan.

Our friendly staff are there to help you!

Adventures & Touring

We have helped many people fulfil their ambitions of experiencing the world on two wheels.

Classic Bikes & Auctions

Buying at an auction? Let us quote you for the shipping in advance to help you decide on your maximum bidding price.

Vehicle Shipping

We have many years of experience in the overseas transport of classic, auction and collectible cars.

Adventures & Touring

There are many good roads in the UK for riding your motorbike, but sometimes, sometimes, good isn't enough.

Sometimes, you are left feeling unfulfilled. Sometimes, the need to do something different takes over and you find yourself dreaming of where that perfect road might be. Perhaps it is not the road you are seeking, but the journey itself?

We have helped many people fulfil their ambitions of experiencing the world on two wheels; from the more popular destinations like USA and Argentina, to the more remote in Mongolia, each destination is unique and with it, each experience.

Meet new cultures, explore new lands and, most importantly, make lasting memories.

For some, these adventures are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Speak to us today to see if this opportunity can be yours. You might just be surprised!

If you have taken that big step and find yourself travelling around the lesser explored parts of the world, then you will likely encounter unusual road conditions like mud, gravel, dirt, rocks and rivers. Plan ahead and take in some training with the best to ensure that your riding skills are at their peak. The BMW off road skills course will do just that.


Classic Bikes & Auctions

From London to Las Vegas, we not only attend the major motorcycle auctions, but also act on behalf of individual purchasers and auction houses alike.

If you are considering buying from an auction at Bonham's, or any other classic motorbike show, let us quote you for the shipping in advance to help you decide on your maximum bidding price.

Whether you are purchasing one bike or several, we can arrange the shipping according to your needs; from specialist packing into custom crates for high-value shipments, to loading entire containers or even aircraft.

We have worked with the major auction houses, local motorcycle dealers and international manufacturers for many years, shipping bikes to all corners of the globe.

How it Works

  • Getting Started

    JCS Bikes have been transporting motorcycles for over ten years by Air, Road and Sea Once you have decided our services are right for you our team of experienced vehicle shipping specialists will be on hand to give you advise on the next steps.

  • Paperwork & Information

    Our team of shipping experts will advise you of all documentation and information required in order to transport your bike for that all important journey. This information would be country specific with the help of our worldwide network of agents we are always kept up to date with the most relevant information and requirements.

  • Packing Up

    For Exports from the UK, Once your bike arrives at one of our depots a vehicle condition report and photographs are taken. Your bike will then be packed into a tailor-made crate constructed of ISPM 15 compliant timber and fibreboard. The bikes are more often than not shipped as dangerous goods so you are allowed a ¼ tank of fuel and the battery remains connected.

    For imports into the UK, information can be provided in advance on the packing specifications. This will be subject to the origin depot and the method of export.

    As a general rule, all motorcycles sent via airfreight will need to be crated. For Sea Freight, the motorcycle will either be individually crated or be loaded, lashed and secured in a vehicle container.

  • Pre-Prep

    Once the packing has been completed the relevant documentation will need to be completed. This will either be an Air Way Bill (air), CMR (road) or a Bill of Lading (sea). This tells the airlines, shipping lines and hauliers any relevant information about the particular shipment. for example, where is it from? where is it going? what bike it is? For shipments going or coming in from outside the EC a customs entry must also be submitted before the bike can be exported/imported. Copies of any paperwork you will need will be forwarded to you along with instructions on what do when the bikes arrive.

  • Transporting

    The bike will then be transported by its selected method and will arrive at the port, airport, or address and once your bike has cleared customs, you will then be able to collect it or it will be collected and delivered on your behalf if pre-arranged.

  • Pick Up and Ride!

    If you have recently purchased the bike and permanently imported it will now need to be registered with the appropriate authority or if you have transported your bike for a tour you can now enjoy your adventure!

“I highly recommend using James Cargo if you're contemplating a long haul trip somewhere in the world. Why hire a bike when you can ride you're own. Don't delay, call today.......life is too short......do it.”

Jill & Chris

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