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Here you will find readers stories and photos of our friends, members and customers recent Motorbike trips.

18,000 miles around North America. 2 Ladies - 2 BMWs Summer 2013

James Cargo made this journey so easy.

In 2012 we shipped to Boston, 15mins to clear the bikes from customs and we rode across the US and put the bikes in a storage locker in Las Vegas.

Returned 6 months later and they started first time!! We rode up to Alaska, along the Alaskan Highway. which took a chunk out of Wendy's tyre.

Saw lots of wildlife including mousse and bears. Then it was back across the US to New York where we simply dropped the bikes with James Cargo agents.

Lilian Hobbs

Southampton to Australia

The folks at James Cargo were friendly and professional every step of the way. They managed a pick-up in Vienna when our visa's expired, shipped from Southampton to Australia for the next leg of our journey. The bikes arrived incredibly well packed and looked very happy in their crates!

We opted to manage the release from Australian customs and quarantines ourselves - just for the experience. While we successfully navigated the red-tape, next time we'd opt for them to manage the process and use that time to explore locally - I'm certain it would be easier!

Issa Breibish

Timely response to the tens of my questions how to prepare bike.

I have chosen James Cargo to send my motorbike to NYC. Previously I have shipped my bike to and from South Africa. Comparing both cases, the air cargo procedure looks like a piece of cake.

If you have an experienced agent they know what docs are needed, I didn’t believed that the whole paperwork can take one email with the scanned docs and a few minutes at the James’ warehouse. Prices ? Well, … at the starting point sea freight looks much cheaper but … if you sum up all the direct and indirect costs at the both ports, think twice.

The people at James Cargo look very professional, I don’t how wide their service portfolio is in terms of the general logistics, but they are definitely familiar with the motorcycles aircargo business. The price quoted during my inquiry became the final one, no extra not mentioned costs etc… .Timely response to the tens of my questions how to prepare bike, etc. etc. I sincerely recommend

Zbigniew Wyszomierski

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